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Dr. Kaitlyn Arnsdorf is a Doctor of physical therapy (DPT) specializing in the athlete - human and animal. An avid sports enthusiast and competitor, Kaitlyn is keenly experienced in biomechanical and musculoskeletal influences on training and physical development. Kaitlyn has experience treating a wide range of animals from a duck to a miniature cow, as well as much more frequently the canine and equine athlete. 


Kaitlyn reacts and designs treatment systems to suit an individual team, taking into consideration history, handling, and goals, and event-based management. Services offered include manual therapy (including adjustments, and mobilizations - Grades 1-4, and G5 thrust), instrument-assisted mobilizations, trigger point dry-needling, quick injury screen (including evaluation and treatment), and targeted conditioning/stretching programs based on physical exam findings.


Kaitlyn received her doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2018 after 7 years of study and then went on to complete her CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner) from the University of TN in 2019, as well as a dry needling certification. She is excited to help advance the health and well-being of both humans and animals of all kinds. She designed an animal dry needling protocol that is now highly sought after and is being taught to other practitioners. She most recently published case studies in canine vestibular rehab protocol as well as bovine/equine flexor tendon laxity repair protocol. 


For more information on her services, and links to reviewed and quality studies expanding upon the field of physical therapy, please see the contact form below.


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