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Mooey's Case

Mooey is a Miniature Zebu heifer who was born on March 9th, 2022. When Mooey was born, likely due to how she was positioned in the uterus, she was unable to stand on her own for more than 1 second. Her flexor tendons had so much laxity that when she tried to stand her carpal (wrist) joints collapsed, leaving her not only unable to stand or walk, but subject to stress fractures at the joint, which occurred in just a few days from her trying to walk. 

I knew if I was going to be able to help Mooey I would need to get her sooner rather than later because of how quickly she would grow. I did not yet know what or how I was going to design custom splints but I knew that was what she needed. 

A few days after I got her, I woke up one morning to Mooey having a seizure. I rushed Mooey to the only large animal vet in the area. Mooey was diagnosed with FPT (failure to passive transfer) and given a 5% chance of survival even



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