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Don't be the reason your healthy, sound, and fully trained and ready to trial dog has to miss out on competing!! You are 50% of the teamwork that makes the dreamwork and it's important to reduce your chances of injury in addition to your dogs. In this 6 week self-paced course, Dr. Arnsdorf takes you through the best stability and strengthening exercises to help minimize injuries. Learn how to progress in difficulty and correct your form to prevent compensation. Exercises are easy, broken down, and have a direct relevance to agility moves that Dr. Arnsdorf will explain. Options to make the exercise more or less intense will be shown so this course can be taken by anyone regardless of their fitness level. 

If interested please venmo $250 to and I will add you to the private fb group!! 


Online Canine Foundation Conditioning Course

Want to give your dog their best chance at future injury prevention? Then look no further! This self paced 6 week foundation course has clear video demonstrations of each exercise, as well as evidence based research explanations that make it easy to set your dog up for success. Dr. Arnsdorf has combined her love of treating both the human and canine elite athlete and incorporated prescribed human exercises into canine tailored ones. By giving your dog this solid foundation of learning how to stabilize and strengthen their muscles from ages 12 weeks on, you are reducing their chances of MSI, HD, CCL tear, iliospoas strain and more. 

If interested please send $250 to for Venmo, and then I will add you to the private facebook group! 

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